About the Prints

Professional digital inkjet printing can produce fine art prints that will last a lifetime. The quality of print these machines can now produce is breathtaking and have a longevity greater than the traditional silver halide printing process.

Ok, so a lifetime is not very specific. But by using a combination of Archival papers ( We use Fotospeed high white smooth 315gsm and Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300gsm ) and pigment inks ( from our 12 cartridge HP Z3200 Photo printer ) the highest quality attainable is achieved, producing lightfast prints lasting 85 years. That’s a decent lifetime we think. Current cameras are Canon 5D MK11 ,mirrorless Eos r, Canon “L” series lenses along with a bagful of bits including Lee filters. Recent purchase of Fuji GFX 50sII Medium format gives me more scope for large prints. Good equipment is important but being in the place, in the moment, is more so.
The prints are produced in 4 sizes…A4, A3, A2, and King size (which is a whopping 100 cm x 75cm). They can be ordered as a simple signed print, a double mounted signed print or fully framed in black woodgrain or Oak, complete with Artglass which repels reflections and gives additional UV protection . Special orders for canvas style and panoramic images ( these vary in aspect ratio ) to any size . More details on the “shop” page .

Archival print is often described as a “Giclee” print. The word derives from the French “to spray”…the process of inkjet printers spraying ink onto archival papers. James not only takes the images but then follows the process all the way through. This ensures the colours are transferred from the mind’s eye to the final print.